Welcome to the Survival Wiki

Welcome Disciple,

Throughout the Survival Wiki, you shall find most of what you need to know about the Disciples of Osiris Survival experience! If there is anything that you think is missing OR would like in this Wiki then please feel free to contact us via discord or contact me directly on discord using my name and ID: b01w#0001.

To get you started with the basics I recommend that you start reading about the claiming system we have here so that you aren't confused on how it works when trying to protect your land from those pesky griefers! Since this Wiki system is currently in Beta I highly recommend letting me know on any improvements I can provide. I want to make sure your experience is the highest it can be!

Whats included in the Survival Wiki?

- Claims Tutorial
- How do Companions Work?
- The Plants System
- The Generators System
- The Recipes

More to be added soon