Claim System

Information about Claiming

Welcome to the tutorial on claiming for Disciples Of Osiris. Here you will find out how to claim your land, how to manage your land, setting roles up in your and more. 

Starting as a player:

1. Create A Land:
/lands create "name"

2. Enter the Selection Mode (This is similar to the golden shovel system, set 2 points from one corner to another to claim the set area:
/lands selection

3. Lands Deposit, if you want to claim your land you will need money in your lands bank, so you need to deposit some. You can store an infinite amount of money in your lands bank and more so be sure to deposit some money with the following command:
/lands deposit "land" "Money"

4. After the area has been selected type in the following command (Note: you will need some money in your lands balance to claim the land as each chunk costs $5000, if it says you dont have enough money, do /lands deposit "money" to be able to afford the claims. If you cant afford the claims after selecting it, you dont have to re select the whole area, just deposit the money and try again.)
/lands claim

5. While standing in your land, you will want to manage the menu so that you can adjust the roles, set the lands settings, cosmetical settings, invite members, manage members and more. You can do so by typing in the following comand:
/lands menu

6. If you wish to use the commands for a different land, you must type in the following command:
/lands edit "land"

Thats just about the basics for creating a land and getting the general idea, now lets go onto some slightly more advanced stuff.

Getting players for your land

1. Trusting players, if you want to trust a player for the land youre standing in youll have to make sure that it is the first land you created. Since the lands plugin defaults to the first land you created unless stated otherwise. The command below will help explaining it:
/lands trust "player"
"land" or "*" (Using the * means its for every land that you own, so unless you really trust the player, I wouldnt recommend this)

2. As for above, you can also untrust those players, if you feel like they arent trustworthy anymore or if you just dont want them in the claim:
/lands untrust "player" "land" or "*"
 (Once again using the * means its for every land that you own)

3. You can toggle the permissions for players and also promote/demote players using the command below and simply going to your land you want to edit and follow the GUI's buttons to get it all sorted.

Now we are going to go on the server specific options that I have personally toggled so that your experience on the server is as it should be when youre playing.

Server Specific Options
  • You can be a member of up to 5 lands (We feel this is right to bind you to a couple of communities and build bonds with those who you play with to strengthen our community!)
  • You can own up to 5 lands in total (We feel this is right to avoid spam of claims around the world)
  • You give 50 chunks of land when you join another players land (This is so that with the land growing, it is worth getting more players to hold the amount of builds players will want to have in the lands area)
  • You can have unlimited members in your land (Any abuse of spamming Alt accounts in a land though will warrant a punishment)
  • You can have unlimited areas for lands (This is so you can setup different permissions and setup renting in the lands too)
  • You can select up to 500 chunks in the /lands selection command